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Our Staff

100% of my staff is licensed by the State of Iowa. The years listed below reflect the years spent with me in the Cedar Valley. Our experience together allows us to work as a team, in a professionial and timely matter. My employees are my eyes and ears. My trust and faith in them is unsurpassed.


mike fereday kevin fereday time fereday
Mike Fereday
Cell: 319-240-2873
Home: 319-236-0813
Kevin Fereday
Cell: 319-404-0214
Tim Fereday
Cell: 319-404-3227
steve broell doug gilles jeremy bishop
Steve Broell – 27 years Doug Gilles – 26 years Jeremy Bishop – 25 years
matt obrien matt hum mike swisher
Matt O’Brien – 24 years Matt Hum – 24 years Mike Swisher – 12 years
brian mccully 1418 1439
Brian McCully – 9 years Joe Avis – 7 years Austin Majeres- 6 years
Shawn Murphy
Drew Riecks – 5 years Jeff Nielsen – 4 years Shawn Murphy – 2 year
Brad Moses
Brad Moses – 2 year Cody Dewater – 3 years